High Pressure Valves

Our FLOEC high pressure valves are manufactured such that they can perform proficiently in harsh environments of Boilers, blast furnaces, oil-fields, power plants etc. They can be applied in [...]

High Pressure Globe Valves

Our FLOEC High pressure globe valve is very compact and is well-designed for high-pressure throttling. They are used in pressure as well as flow control functions in harsh conditions such as  oil [...]

High Pressure Gate Valves

Our FLOEC High Pressure Gate Valves is well-designed for regulating bidirectional flow and are apt for uninterrupted flow control. They function excellently in a trouble-free manner and provide [...]

High Pressure Ball Valves

FLOEC high Pressure Ball Valves is particularly designed to offer a safe, resilient and consistent shut off even at extreme conditions. They offer tightness at low pressure as well as vacuum. [...]

High Pressure Angle Valves

Our High Pressure Angle Valves branded as FLOEC control the flow of fluids in perpendicular pipe lines. They offer high performance even under high pressure and vacuum and so they are used in a [...]